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‘Tis the season for fun and festivities, which means more party attire, kids’ toys and decorations coming into the home. Family organizing expert Jessica Litman, the CEO and founder of The Organized Mama, shares her tips to keep your space clean and under control during the holidays.

Clear the Countertops

“When the party invitations, gift lists and schedules start to pile up in the kitchen, it’s time to designate one area where everything should go,” Litman says. “This will make it easier to keep the counters clear and for everyone in the family to know where to find their things before running out the door.”

Litman says to collect all the papers and store them in a tray. For a DIY organizing system, try hanging a couple of clipboards on the wall in the entryway to hold important reminders and leave messages, or empty out a drawer and use shallow baking pans as bins for each person to place their grab-and-go items.

Prep for Cooking and Cleaning

With all the time spent in the kitchen cooking, baking and cleaning up after family parties, make sure that you’re set up for easy maintenance.

A Lazy Susan is a great way to create more room in a cabinet and store ingredients and utensils in one place for quick access, while keeping the mess to a minimum. Litman suggests lining it with the Duck brand Smooth Top EasyLiner Lazy Susan Kit to keep surfaces free from sticky residue. The pre-cut, circular shaped liner is simple to install, prevents items from falling over and is easy to wipe clean without having to remove the Lazy Susan from the cabinet. Litman also suggests decluttering drawers and stocking up on to-go containers so you can send guests home with leftovers.

Store the Décor

There will likely be an excess of bows, ribbons, gift bags, tape, scissors and wrapping paper around your home in the coming months. Instead of using a cabinet or drawer to store these items, Litman suggests hanging an over-the-door organizer in the closet and using the compartments to keep extras neat and tidy.

When the holidays are over, Litman says to store small ornaments in egg cartons and wrap breakables in bubble cushioning for safekeeping until next year.

Make Way for Play

All of the gift wrap means the kids will have new toys that need to be stored. Before the holidays begin, Litman says to go through your little one’s playroom and donate items they no longer use or have grown out of.

Once the room is clear of clutter, wipe and line storage bins and cubbies with machine-washable EasyLiner with Clorox. The liner contains antimicrobial protection that resists the growth of odor-causing mold and mildew, keeping surfaces spotless throughout the cold season and ensuring there is always a tidy spot to put holiday crafts, games and puzzles.

Following these simple tips will allow you to enjoy neat spaces all season long.




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