11/22/2021  DiscoverLuke.com
Challenges or problems with F-35A initially, Lt. Col Martin "Tintin" Tesli, senior Norwegian Air Force representative and F-35 instructor pilot in the F-35A training programme?` "We have over 80 F-35s here at Luke. Every time someone flies, everyone gains new knowledge and learns. We learn more and faster and the plane is updated all the time. Also the F-16 had a lot of problems but those were hushed down. With F-35 everything is public."
In 2008, the government of Norway selected the F-35 Lightning II as the replacement for their F-16 fleet. Norwegian Air Force operates F-35A variant of the F-35 fighter. Their variant has a special drag chute to assist with landing in icy and slick conditions and to reduce landing distance on short airfields. Filmed at the Luke AFB - the home base of the 56th Fighter Wing and number of F-35 squadrons. Also number of foreign pilots and ground personnel train at Luke learning to operate and handle the F-35 stealth fighter, including Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and other countries. Siivet magazine had the opportunity to visit the base and follow the operations.