1/7/2022  DiscoverLuke.com
Do you ever wonder how did Starbucks get started? How did they grow so fast?
Starbucks understood leveraging networks. They contacted Barnes & Noble and asked to put their coffee shops in their stores. With over 700 stores, Starbucks exploded with business! Now they have their own coffee shops everywhere. In Seattle, you will find one on almost every street it seems.
Do you look for networks that you can leverage?
DiscoverLuke.com is a network. 
AmericanVeteranBusiness.com is a site designed to give you another opportunity to be seen by others. It allows you to contact others. It allows you to be connected. It allows you to be seen that you are connected! Even at .99 cents for life with a basic listing, it is worth every cent.
How can you help yourself to succeed more? Share. ShareDiscoverLuke.com.com to your friends. Invite fellow business owners to join us. They can visit. They can find you. This creates a system of free / inexpensive advertising that everyone benefits from.
You have to gain a mindset of abundance. Take advantage of everything that you can to boost your business.