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Sebastian Ibanez, a street vendor in Mesa known for selling brooms and mops, has had a stroke of good luck thanks to community support and a viral social media video. For almost ten years, Ibanez has been supporting his wife and three children by selling his products on the streets despite weather conditions and his visual impairment.

In the video that has gained hundreds of thousands of views, Ibanez responds to a viewer's question about the quality of his brooms with a witty joke. He shares that he struggled to find work due to his blindness, which led him to start his own business. Although he would go to job interviews, employers only saw his cane instead of his qualifications.

In a recent interview with ABC15, Ibanez revealed that his mother had been burned, he was hit by a car, and his wife has cancer. The video helped raise over $100,000 for him, an amount of money that he says could solve his life for a year. However, he'd prefer the opportunity that Tim Brown, the fourth-generation owner of Brown Brother's Automotive in Mesa, offered him.

In the video, Brown offered Ibanez his dream job of becoming a car salesman, which he accepted. Brown believes that Ibanez's best trait is being a good person with the right attitude, which is essential for a salesman. ABC15 captured the moment when Ibanez got out of the car to give his wife a kiss and start his new career. Brown also received a call from a prospective buyer who wants to work with Ibanez in purchasing multiple cars.

Although Ibanez has experienced hardships in his past, he maintains a positive attitude and humor. He believes that people will always need cars, and he can sell them even if he loses an arm or a leg. His ability to react positively to life's challenges could make him the most qualified candidate in the Valley.

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